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Poppy’s Picnic donates to two charities for Mother’s Day

The raw pet food manufacturer has donated to TV’s Gemma Oaten’s charity SEED and Pawprints to Freedom Rescue

Raw dog food manufacturer, Poppy’s Picnic is hoping to champion the role mothers play, not only in human lives but also with our four-legged friends with a donation to two charities.


The company is donating to SEED Eating Disorder Support Services, a charity set up by the mother of Poppy’s Picnic ambassador, Emmerdale soap star, and pet parent Gemma Oaten. Poppy’s Picnic is also donating to Pawprints to Freedom dog rescue in acknowledgment of the work “fairy dogmothers” do to turn dogs’ lives around.

Poppy’s Picnic handmakes fresh, raw dog food in the heart of Wiltshire using locally sourced meat, bone, offal and garden-fresh vegetables. The company was founded in 2016 by Dylan Watkins who wanted a better diet for his Miniature Schnauzer, Poppy.

Oaten, who has battled anorexia, became more conscious of giving her Schnoodle, Ruby Tuesday, the best nutrition when watching the company’s appearance on Dragons’ Den last year. She said: “Everything Dylan was saying about dog obesity due to processed food made complete sense to me. Despite my own battles, one thing I knew I could control was giving the best possible nutrition to Ruby Tuesday. With Poppy’s Picnic I know I’m actively giving her something nourishing.

“I want Ruby in my life for the longest time possible so I only want to give her the best she deserves.”

In her latest blog posts to mark Mother’s Day, Oaten has opened up about her illness and the important role her mum, Marg has played in getting her well. She said: “My Mum is my rock. She gave me life and she saved my life, and now she saves others too through her charity, SEED. I was very poorly for 13 years from the age of 10 years old with anorexia and I hand on heart know that if it wasn’t for her and Dads fight for me, I wouldn’t be here.

“She has always supported and nurtured and loved me, no matter what. This reflects on how I am with Ruby Tuesday. She’s my baby and I have given her the best from day one.”

Watkins added: “Hearing Gemma’s story and the close bond she has with her mum, Marg, and Ruby Tuesday is extremely emotional. It’s powerful how the love and attention Gemma received from her mum has filtered down into how she cares for Ruby Tuesday and we’re proud to celebrate that through our donation to SEED.”

As well as donating to SEED, Poppy’s Picnic is also supporting Pawprints to Freedom Rescue, a not-for-profit rescue for dogs from both the UK and abroad.

The charity works to rehome rescues and relies on donations for transport and to find appropriate owners for dogs. Many of the dogs rescued have never received love or eaten proper food requiring the team to play a “fairy dogmother” role.

Poppy’s Picnic employee Fiona Roberts adopted a mongrel from Pawprints to Freedom last November and said she “couldn’t imagine her life without Mabel”.

Roberts said: “I have so much to thank Pawprints to Freedom for. Mabel has changed my life for the better and I love her unconditionally. I feel sorry that for so long she hadn’t received love, attention or even a name. I’m proud to be Mabel’s mummy and enjoy seeing her put on weight with the food she receives from Poppy’s Picnic.”

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