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Inquiry launched into charity which set up donation platform

The charity was found to be donating funds to Greece, Turkey, Syria and Pakistan for reasons which were ‘outside of its remit’

The Charity Commission opened a statutory inquiry into GTC on 12 December due to concerns over the administration of the charity.


The charity works towards relief of poverty of people in the UK, mainly in the Aylesbury area of Buckinghamshire, however its annual reports state the charity sends funding to Greece, Turkey, Syria and Pakistan “for purposes outside of its remit”.

The commission also had concerns about the charity’s governance and administration as there appears to be only one trustee which means that conflicts of interest cannot be adequately managed.

As a result, the commission will examine whether GTC’s charity funds have been “misapplied” and how closely the trustee has complied with the charity’s governing document.

GTC is registered as, a donation platform which claims to have a lower transaction fee than JustGiving. Its website says it aims to “bring an end to poverty through sustainable projects and investment” and some of the projects listed include food banks, food packs and funding for a roof.

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