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Just 52% of Brits say they trust charities

Less than half of the respondents believed charities were well run

Only 52% of Brits trust charities, the Fundraising Around the World survey by research consultancy nfpSynergy has found.


The survey which looks at nine countries worldwide found that trust in charities has dipped significantly in Ireland. In 2012, 74% of respondents said they had trust while this was recorded at 61% this year. However, this is up from last year’s figure of 48%. This may be due to the Irish charity sector seeing a series of controversies in recent years, including situations where state-paid salaries were being “topped up” by charitable donations and a high profile case of serious mismanagement at a suicide prevention charity.

As for the causes people are most willing or likely to support, cancer was ranked the highest in the UK with 42% saying it was their favoured cause. Animals followed with 35%, while charities which support children and young people were favoured by 32% of those asked. Organisations which support indigenous people were the least favoured, with only 2% citing them as their “favourite cause”.

Some 47% of Brits said they wished they could give to all the charities that asked, while 61% said giving made them feel good. A further 70% said they believed charities made a difference but just 47% felt the charities they supported kept them informed about where their donations went.

Only 47% of British respondents felt charities were “ethical and honest” but a significant 71% said they played a vital role in society. Again, 47% said charities were well run and 58% believed there were too many organisations.

When asked who felt fundraising was intrusive, 46% agreed while 58% felt overwhelmed by the number of requests made by charitable organisations.

The report is the result of the annual survey which looks at levels of trust, fundraising and volunteering habits, attitudes to charities and their importance in society, as well as favourite causes in the respective countries.

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