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Charity founder raises £150k for Wickers after Antarctica trek

The London-based charity aims to tackle knife and gun crime and give young people a ‘safe haven’ to go to

An entrepreneur has raised £150,000 for his charity combating knife and gun crime after completing a trek to the highest peak in Antarctica.


Henry Smith, 57, said he was “thrilled” to have raised such a “substantial sum” for The Wickers Charity, which is based in Hackney Wick, after battling temperatures of -55 degrees and frostbite, just 50 metres from the summit of Mount Vinson.

The Wickers Charity, which was set up spring of 2018, provides young people aged eight to 18 with a safe haven at St Mary of Eton Church Eastway, offering positive role models, learning opportunities, recreational activities and educational workshops.


Smith, who is also the CEO of property development company, Aitch Group, said: “The most frightening part of the trek was when I almost lost my nose to frostbite. I thought to myself, not reaching the top would be a disaster. However with the tremendous support from my team we rallied on, my nose was wrapped up in a buff to get the blood flowing and thankfully we made it.

“That was the hardest challenge of my life but I would do it all again for the charity. I’m overwhelmed by the extraordinary donations received and can’t thank people enough for their generosity.”

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